Hema offers two filling technologies : Volumetric and Weight.
Hema’s state-of-the-art fillers are designed to handle plastic containers (PET, HDPE, PP, etc.) as well as glass, metal and cardboard containers.
Our fillers are tailored to your specific requirements to satisfy all your needs.
We comply with the highest standards in terms of hygiene, productivity, speed and reliability, for all types of products (sensitive, with pieces or pulp...).
Hema Volufill
Rotary volumetric filler for food and non-food products in plastic, glass, metal and carton containers.
The piston is drawn back in its cylinder so that a precise volume of product is sucked into the cylinder, then dispensed into the container.
Hema Canfill
In-line volumetric filler equipped with one or two heads for food or non-food products requiring bottom filling.
Designed for jars, cans, pouches and plastic trays.
The system uses a piston controlled by synchronized cams.
Hema Quatro Weight
Rotary weight filler for food and non-food products in plastic, glass or metal containers.
The principle: one weight, one measurement