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 Customized training

Hema designs custom training programs to help you maintain and upgrade your line, ensuring long-term performance of your machines.

Valuable, concrete benefits

With Hema training, your staff gain complete knowledge of the machines, resulting in uniform practices and results. It is a safe investment that will guarantee lasting performance of your entire production line. Immediate benefits :

  • Less machine down time
  • Fast detection of problems
  • Increased output
  • Optimization of maintenance and investments
  • Longer life cycle of line components
  • Lower production costs
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved team spirit among the trainees
  • Personnel motivation

Training at each stage

For long term efficiency of the production line, Hema has designed programs for each stage of your equipment’s life cycle. This includes a solid general training course at the time of commissioning, a refresher course and maintenance training after six months to a year.
We offer training programs for all the units on a bottling line :

  • Blowers
  • Fillers
  • Cappers
  • Rinsers
  • Combi
  • CIP stations
  • Pasteurizers
  • Labellers
  • Conveyors
  • Start of line equipment: depalletizers, decraters
  • End of line equipment: pallettizers, craters
  • Etc.

Technical programs

The content of the training courses is tailored to the initial level of the participants, whether they are beginners, advanced or experts.
In order to provide all the skills needed to manage and maximize the potential of Hema’s machines and lines, we offer a full catalogue of training courses:

  • Technical courses to provide essential skills on:

- the machines and systems
- the machine processes (capping, blowing, filling, mixing, gas injection)
- the integrated systems (CIP, filtering, foil sealing, heat exchangers)

  • Related technical courses (software, hardware, pneumatics)
  • Training courses on the components (frequency converter, valve, pump) and materials (plastics, stainless steel)

Other types of training programs are also available, on topics such as product and line management, safety and the environment.

Proven methods

Our expert trainers are fully aware of your production requirements. They will transmit their expertise to your personnel.
At the beginning of the course, the trainees receive a training booklet containing colour operating and maintenance diagrams. At the end of the course, each participant receives a certificate issued by Hema detailing the knowledge and skills acquired.
Requirements for a successful training course :

  • A classroom with a video projector.
  • The machine must be available 30% to 50% of the training time. The customer and trainer will schedule the machine stoppages.
  • Attendance is mandatory, and Hema will issue the accreditation only if the trainee has attended at least 80% of the course.
  • The number of trainees is limited to 6 people so everyone can complete the hands-on exercises.