Hema Volufill filler Food Products
Hema Volufill products filling

Sauces, dressings, jam, honey, soups, baby food, condensed or evaporated milk,…

Mechanical Rotary Filler

Mechanically designed, the Volufill filler is a reliable machine that has proved itself over many years. It is flexible and guarantees easy maintenance and respect of the products to be filled.

Conclusive benefits

  • Filling flexibility; Volufill technology is perfectly adapted to viscous, homogenous, or products with pieces up to 20 x 20 x 20 mm (or even larger, depending on the texture)


  • Respect for the product thanks to specifically-designed valves and nozzles


  • Reliability of production thanks to kinematic mechanics


  • Machine output levels of over 98%
Hema Volufill is available in Stand Alone or Monobloc configuration with a capper or a thermosealer. Hema Volufill can be also associated with a neck trimmer or a rinser.

Filling Technologies

A simple principle: the volume in the cylinder is defined through the suction movement of the piston, before being discharged to the container.  

Special Features


6 to 118 heads


1 to 22 heads


8 to 36 heads


25 ml to 1.2 litres


PET, HDPE, glass bottles or jars, metal cans


3 600 to 40 000 bph

Main Benefits

The valves and nozzles are specifically designed to products and containers shape to ensure perfect filling and cleanliness.

Choice of 2 types of valves: Cylindrical for semi-liquid products and Conical for fluid products.

Volumetric FIlling Head

Production flexibility

The Hema Volufill filler can be used for a wide variety of hot and cold products. Depending on the nature of your product, bottom filling is offered for optimal quality and cleanliness of the filling process.

Recipes can be changed directly from the control panel.

Filling accuracy

Hema guarantees its customers a standard deviation of < 0.8 g for a homogenous product in a 500 ml container and a standard deviation of < 1.5 g for a product with pieces in a 500 ml container.

Tool changeover

The coloured changeover tools specific to each bottle format are available on the filling and capping turrets. They make tool identification easy. Without the need for special tools, the rapid fixing and indexing systems make it easy for the operator to set up. This means that the time taken for a changeover is optimised.

Easy Cleaning

Hema Volufill features the automatic extraction of conical valves for the cleaning in place

Complete Lines

We can design and build complete lines to include upstream and downstream equipment.

Options & peripheral equipment

For an optimal production, Hema offers options and peripheral solutions:

Control – Ejection

Any faulty, badly-filled or capped container is ejected from the production line.

Smart cap dispensers and feeding systems

Various options are proposed:

Elevators that stock and transport the caps to the dispenser.

Elevator-Orientators select the direction and transport caps at high speed within the same machine. They replace the elevator-distributor duo.

Cap buffer is installed on the filling and capping monobloc in the Combi configuration. It receives the directed caps and feeds the cap turret with the caps.

Lid press for thermo-sealed container

The press forms caps from a roll of aluminium. They are subsequently thermo-sealed on the container (conduction or induction).

Cleaning In/Out of Place (CIP/COP)

The automatic dismantling of pistons and conical valves allows automatic cleaning of the filler. A manifold of valves manages the cleaning of the product circuit, cabin and frame.

CIP cleaning station

The cleaning station allows preparation, feeding and automatic recirculation of cleaning fluids.

COP foam station

Allows rinsing and disinfection of the filler cabinet.

Recovery tank and pump for CIP cleaning

A storage tank and pump can be connected to the recovery gutter, so that the fluids can be sent back to the cleaning station during the cleaning cycles.


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