Hema Sweetened Products (honey, jam, baby food, juice) , filler, capper

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  • Technology :Mechanical Volumetric
  • Speed : From 3 600 to 40 000 bph 
  • Volume : From 25 ml to 1 200 ml
  • Containers : Metal, Glass, HDPE or PET

Hema Volufill


  • Speed : Up to 40 000 bph
  • Caps : Snap-on, screw-on, pump, trigger 
  • Lids: Metal or plastic

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Sweetened products

All types of sweetened products, including particulated and non-particulated, thick or thin liquid.

Jams with or without fruit pieces, stewed fruit, jellies, marmalades, fruit sauces, honey, etc.; there continues to be a wide variety of sweetened products available on the market.

This is a currently changing market. Eating habits in industrialised countries as well as taxes levied in certain areas, have forced the sector to constantly come up with new recipes.

Conserving whole pieces, texture, viscosity, temperature and filling of sweetened products calls for proven expertise. At Hema, we have been mastering this technology for over 80 years, from glass jars to plastic or metal containers.

We guarantee you clean filling, a hygienic environment in line with current standards and total flexibility to adapt to new optimal formats.

We have a full range of volumetric filling machines and cappers to cater for your needs


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