Hema Canseam seamer round and shaped cans
Hema Canseam Seaming machine for Round and Shaped cans

Pearshaped, Conical, Rectangular, Round cans…

Round or Shaped Metal Cans

Vacuum or atmospheric automatic seamers for use in the meat, fish, pre-prepared food and industries.

Conclusive benefits

  • Versatile seamer for shaped or round tins
  • A single seamer head
  • Vacuum seaming to maintain preservation and optimal appearance of your product
  • Clinching machine with vertical movement chuck
  • Quality of seaming profile ensured by the cam and cam follower (shaped tins)

High speed clinching and seaming.

When synchronised with the Canfill filler, the Canseam vacuum seamer is the perfect partner for your meat canning lines.

Seaming Technology

Special Features


Metal Cans

(round or shaped)


45 to 170 mm


45 to 155 mm


20 to 250 mm

(Higher please contact us)


80 to 150 bpm

Main Benefits


Seamer head mounted on articulated arm


The quality of the seaming profile is ensured by a reproduction cam. Hema Canseam is also equipped with a compression pad hydraulically assisted and driven by a double track cam.

Tool changeover

A complete tool changeover can be done in less than 4 hours (round or shaped tins).


Hema Canseam is made entirely from stainless steel. The mechanical parts are constantly lubricated in an oil bath.

Complete Lines

We are happy to study your projects for the canning of meat, pates or fish, with you.

Discover our solution: Meat Canning Lines

Seaming Head


Options & peripheral equipment

We also provide peripheral solutions to optimise your production.

Pumping system

The full tin is placed in a hermetically sealed chamber and the pump extracts the air to create a vacuum. Once the vacuum has been created, the seaming head completes the seaming process.

Dismantling derrick

Easy dismantling of the seamer head

Cart for seaming head


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